• Lyfebulb’s mission is to Connect People, Inspire Change, and Impact Lives. Our goal is to improve the lives of those living with chronic disease NOW.
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Lyfebulb Social Club

Lyfebulb Social ClubLyfebulb Social Club hosts in person events that bring together people with chronic diseases, physicians, medical thought leaders, patient support organizations, media, investors and entrepreneurs, in informative and relaxed environments across Manhattan. The Social Club connects like-minded individuals and provides an interactive, non-clinical environment where guests can share experiences and learn about new therapies and technologies to help combat chronic illness. Learn more »

Lyfebulb Cares

Lyfebulb CaresLyfebulb Cares operates as a Venture Philanthropy fund that invests donor capital into entities with near term solutions that impact patients’ quality of life NOW. Our investment guidelines begin by listening to patient needs, and spans sectors including healthcare products and services, consumer goods, mobile applications and other supportive care services. Lyfebulb invests only in companies that yield a “Triple Impact Return” of Patient, Social and Financial benefits; very often these same companies are those that we have collaborated with for our Social Club.
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