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  • The Power of Passion

    The Power of Passion

    by Brittany Brothers I spent my first 3 years out of college working as a nurse in the heart of inner city Baltimore; quite a different environment from the small semi-rural town in NJ where I grew up. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect initially, but experiencing a different city and culture turned out to

  • Women in Business Q&A: Dr Karin Hehenberger, Founder of Lyfebulb

    Women in Business Q&A: Dr Karin Hehenberger, Founder of Lyfebulb

    Lyfebulb Founder Karin Hehenberger was recently interviewed for this great piece on Women in Business. By Laura Dunn How has your life experience made you the leader you are today? I believe that my education and upbringing have given me a solid background from a knowledge and ethics basis. My parents are very honest and

  • Shame


    By Anna Hehenberger In light of Lyfebulb’s upcoming Social Club Event, which will take place on Wednesday, July 23 at Le Colonial (http://www.lecolonialnyc.com) from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. focusing on Bullous Pemphigoid, I would like to highlight a very poignant point that was raised at Lyfebulb’s last Event, which focused on Crohn’s and Collitis.

  • “Going Low” An Athlete’s Perspective

    “Going Low” An Athlete’s Perspective

    By Roy Collins It’s the reason you keep juice in the refrigerator, a Gatorade in your gym bag, and candy in your girlfriend’s purse. “Going low” can be described as that strange, empty feeling pitted in the center of your core that leaves you anxious, irritable, and even worse, sweaty. ‘Hypoglycemia’ is simply defined as

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